Sustainable agriculture is what Farmpally is all about.

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The site understands the importance of sustainable agriculture or agriculture that pays attention to meeting society’s textile and food supply needs at present without permanently damaging the potential for future agriculture that meets the requirements of generations beyond ours. That’s what USA brings to the table. Sustainable farming and agriculture as well as relevant topics like animal farming in Atlanta, USA. Just as it’s important to find sustainable sources of energy instead of finite ones like fossil fuels, it’s also important for farmers and agriculturalists to practice agriculture that can be sustained for the long-term, like for thousands of years instead of meeting only the demands of one or two generations.




More about the Importance of Sustainable Agriculture


  • Be Responsible: Some of the consequences of unchecked capitalism and profiteering is building unsustainable agricultural systems powered by a profits-first attitude that neglects sustainability of resources, destruction of the environment, and a surplus of food or byproducts that isn’t really needed and can lead to significant wastage, like in the case of rotting or expired food or tons of supply that gets thrown away instead of recycled.


  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: There are a number of practices commonly used by farmers in order to ensure sustainability of agriculture and food systems. First off, there’s more attention and care spared in how farming affects the local environment. Second, there’s also emphasis on conservation and not overproducing food to fulfill high demand that surpasses demand, leading to food waste. Third, recycling resources is also taken into account.


  • Practices in Sustainable Food Systems: Sustainable agriculturalists tend to use methods that lower pollution levels on the farm while at the same time minimizing water use and promoting soil health. They also do things such as organic farming, usage of all-natural pesticides, ensuring energy conservation and efficiency, and addressing food insecurity, among many other concerns. The consequences of excessive farming profiteering is addressed by conservation and ensuring long-term sustainability.


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