About Us

Both my wife and I regularly visit the absolutely paradisiacal island of Symi in Greece (23 miles North of Rhodes). This is the location
where the photos below were taken, and the inspiration for my songs Symi Wind (a song that I feel will strike a chord on the heart
strings of every person who loves the island!), Dancing In The Bow Wave (inspired from a magical day when the dolphins joined the boat and put on a show), St Gorgios (The majestic Rocky Mountainous Cliff Face backed bay on the East of the island) and Aegli (now retired as irrepairable hydrofoil that was our chartiot on so many occasions) amongst others!

I extend my warmest love all my friends (past and present), including family and all the friends, both Symiot and otherwise that we have met on our many visits
to Symi paradise, they being seriously, too many to mention, although just a few are…… Taxis, Eva ,Rula & Ike (Taxiarchis Apartments),
my soul mate Giorgios (the accordion player & owner of Giorgio’s Taverna – our regular eating haunt!!), with his supporting staff of
Giorgio (the waiter and taxi-boat conductor!!) and Damiana, Yannis (the butcher of the upper town), Yannis (Rainbow), Lefteris and family (Cafenion), Wendy (Symi Visitor), Irene,Michailis & Family (St Nicholas Taverna), Nicoletta, Makis and the Triton crew, Captain Sosti & the Nicholaus crew, Hugo and the Hugoites, Jim (Popeye Man – as the greeks call him!), the continuing ever-expanding circle, including Susan & Peter, Brian & Vera, Barbara (Manos), Stuart (Guitar) and friends (good gigs!), The Pedi Posse (great to meet you all after sixteen visits to the island since 1997 and only the first visit to Pedi by night in September ’04!!), The late Michael (guitar) & Lucy, Pedro (accordion), Swedish Katerina, Swedish Maria, Alan and Diane, George & Julie Takis (Leather Shop), Tao (Mooring Man) & Pandora, Elpida & Yannis, Cobi, Pat & Andy, Dimitris (Architect), Kostas (Structural Engineer), Nondas (Guitarist), Lefteris (Bazouki) & Irini etc, etc, etc…..